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Note that all prices assume a single figure without a background (or in the case of color, a single-color background).
I reserve the right to refuse a commission. You will not get the art until you've paid the full price.
I'll send you a high-quality, unwatermarked image. I will not send physical copies.
If you do not have a dA account, you can contact me at gloriousgoldengoat on AIM or go to my Livejournal here:…

Template - Blue flits by VenusRain Miscelleneous colors by VenusRain Purple whers by VenusRain Daxith ref by VenusRain
Coloring in a prexisting template with flat colors. If the template desired is not one I made, I need permission from the original artist. .50 USD each.
Pixel – Dratini pixel by VenusRain Odd Phone Charm pixel by VenusRain Wooper pixel by VenusRain Shiny Dratini Pixel by VenusRain Ornament pixel by VenusRain Pern Dragon pixel base by VenusRain
A pixel of up to 150x150 pixels in size. .75 USD
B/W Bust – Embroidery (WIP detail) by VenusRain SQUARE MCLANTERNJAW (MoaK concept) by VenusRain
Just lines. 2.50 USD
B/W Chibi – Dragon hatching by VenusRain
Just lines. 2.00 USD
Color Chibi – Gaia Avatar Art 1 by VenusRain Gaian Avatar freebie (0Ruby0) by VenusRain Gaia avatar request (shufflypoo) by VenusRain Avatar Freebie by VenusRain AtWH: Sample Baby Color by VenusRain
Please note whether you want traditional or digital coloring beforehand. 3.00 USD
B/W Fullbody – Gaia Avatar Lines by VenusRain AtWH: Dragonoid 4 (Sketch) by VenusRain AtWH: Dragonoid 2 (sketch) by VenusRain Gaia Avatar Art (h3v3an and PukuKuLily) by VenusRain Pern Dragon Template by VenusRain
Just lines. If you want to commission a blank template, this is the base price. 6.00 USD
Color Bust – Gaia Avatar art (CoLoRfuLL) by VenusRain Gaia Avatar freebie (Joumae) by VenusRain Dog Tier Jade by VenusRain
Please note if you want digital or traditional coloring beforehand. 8.00 USD
Color Fullbody – Pokemonathon 001: Bulbasaur by VenusRain 003 - Shiny Venusaur by VenusRain
Please note if you want digital or traditional coloring beforehand. 15.00 USD

— Extra figures: [price] times [# of figures]. So two B/W chibis would be 4.00 USD.
— Explicit material: The usual price for what you'd be asking for +29.00 USD. As a general rule, if you couldn't show it in a T-rated game I'll probably count it as explicit.  
— Detailed backgrounds: Will add between 5.00 and 10.00 USD to the price depending on complexity.
— Extremely complex designs: Depending on design, may incur additional costs of between 3.00 to 10.00 USD.

What I won't draw:
— Mecha, detailed traditional-media backgrounds, and realism due to quality concerns.
— Anything explicit involving underage/underage-seeming characters or animals.
— Copyrighted characters, ie. Pokιmon, MSPA characters, ect. (Gijinkas are fine, as are fan OCs).

Commissions should be sent within two weeks, depending on complexity, and will probably be finished in closer to two to three days. I will give advance warning if possible should something happen that interferes with that.
Depending on the price of the picture, I may not be able to give a full refund immediately. Refunds will be paid back in full; it just may take multiple transactions.

— You need to send me these things:
1. What kind of commission you're purchasing.
2. A reference, preferably picture (although a very detailed written one will suffice), for any and all OCs. Do not send me a link to your gallery; a link to a specific image is needed.
3. Details on what you'd like with your image, i.e. pose, number of individuals, ect. Please note that although you will recieve a preview of the sketch, it is not yours to have until I am paid.
— I'll send you my PayPal e-mail; note that I will not progress pass the sketch stage without at least partial payment.
— I'll e-mail or PM you a copy of the image in question.

Other Notes:
—Do not alter the images in any way that removes the signature or claim them as your work. If you need to crop the image for placing in signatures or similar, please add a link to the original.

Commission Slots:
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